Simple steps for Happy Parenting.

In this tough world, we should try our best to inculcate good habits in our children to turn them into good citizens in the future with a positive outlook in life.

Follow the below practices daily to raise your kids into healthy, responsible and happy adults:

1.  Wake them up early.  As already discussed in one of my previous blogs, getting up before the sun raises has lot of health benefits.  Children will be active and alert too.  You can feel the difference yourself by getting up late one day and early one day.

2.  Make them drink one or two glasses water to start with, on an empty stomach.  (You can also follow this practice irrespective of your age).  The benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach are numerous.  I will discuss with you a few of them:

  • This helps in cleansing the colon which in turn increases the efficiency of the intestines to absorb nutrients.
  • It helps to flush out toxins from the system, as a result your body will stay fresh and healthy and reduces acidity.
  • If your kid is overweight due to his/her lifestyle, he/she will lose weight.
  • It keeps your kid’s skin healthy.

The above are a few benefits of drinking water.  There are many more, but the important ones I have mentioned for your reference.  Gradually increase the water intake on an empty stomach to half a liter (500 mL).  This will keep the kid’s kidneys also active.

3.  Make it a habit for the children to pray to God twice a day, once in the morning before leaving home and once in the evening or at bedtime.  This makes them have faith in the Creator.  I know many houses where children question about the existence of God.  Have patience to explain about God.  Read bedtime stories for them.  Include some moral stories in them, so that children will be able to distinguish between the good and the bad, the outcome of doing good things and the bad things.

4.    Draw a time table and assign subjects according to the time table.  But the first and the foremost thing that you should make the child do is solve mathematical problems.  As already discussed in my previous blog, solving a mathematical problem as the first thing in the morning makes the child develop analytical capacity and improves problem solving skills.  This sharpens the mind as lot of thinking is involved.  After that you can assign other subjects depending on the free time the child has before leaving for school.

5.  After coming back from school in the evening, allot some time for the child to play as this is very much important for the proper growth of the child.  Playing makes the child alert, strengthens the bones and makes it strong.  It helps in socializing, the kid will make more and more friends, but here again, teach your child to differentiate between the good friends and the bad friends and encourage your child to have only good friends.

6.  Cultivate the habit of eating your food at least 2 hours before going to bed.  It is a good habit for all in the family to eat your food at least 2 hours prior to going to bed as this will aid in better digestion, else the chances of gaining weight, developing insomnia, heart burn etc, are more.

7. Train them to respect elders and obey them, not to argue unnecessarily.  Set aside some time for watching TV programs which are educative ones instead of the useless ones.  Children should learn something good by watching such programs and not cultivate bad habits watching programs on TV.  The programs that they watch should improve their knowledge.

8.  Engage them in beneficial classes like yoga, music, drawing and painting, arts and crafts etc. which are creative and bring out the better personality in them as all these classes need concentration and patience.

9.  Encourage your children to read out story books instead of wasting time on computer games or unwanted TV shows, or mobile phones, all of which have their negative impact.  Be wise while allowing your children to watch TV programs and supervise their activities, so that you know the happenings.

10.  Be friendly with them.  Don’t be too strict or harsh with them.  After all they are your children, your blood and flesh.  Enjoy each and every minute that you spend with them, because once they grow up, they will go their ways.  Then as people belonging to older generation, you should not suffer from Empty Nest Syndrome.”  Don’t have too many expectations from your children.

11.  Accept the fact that they are growing up and you are growing old gracefully and don’t expect too many returns from your children.  After all it is your duty as a responsible parent and you have raised your children in the right direction.

12.  As children grow up, they will spend less and less time with parents, because their world starts changing gradually and you will have more and more time for yourself.  Be good friends than strict parents.  Give them confidence and support them emotionally, strengthen the bond between yourself and your child.

13.  Make them gain confidence in you which will strengthen the bond between the parents and children.  Whenever time permits, take your children for outings, because once they grow up they will have their lives and all that will be left with you is those memories.  Your memories should be sweet ones and not bitter ones.

All the best and happy parenting.


Simple efforts for a greener Earth.

We all know that our Earth is becoming hotter day by day and the consequences are serious.  It is our duty to try our best to use the wealth given by nature which is in abundance so that we contribute our part to reduce global warming and promote healthy environment for our future generation.  The coming generation is so unfortunate that they are exposed to the polluted water, air, and contaminated food.  As a result, I read every day in the news that many children as young as 1 year old are suffering from health issues like diabetes mellitus, which is a life long companion, cancer, obesity, vitamin deficiency etc.

With more and more urbanization and the so called development, we are seeing trees being mercilessly chopped.  What is the result of this kind of urbanization, you see for yourself.  On an average a single tree produces approximately 260 pounds or 118 kilograms of oxygen every year.  This is God’s gift to us.  The tree houses a large number of birds which build beautifully structured nests and stay there.  Analyze for a moment how soothing it will be if you sit under a big tree at dusk.  The different types of birds that live in those trees keep on chirping and this calms even the most disturbed or stressed out mind.  Try this, I bet you will feel relaxed.   If these trees are chopped off, then all those birds living in these trees will be either migrating to some other place or die, because they cannot build their nests in buildings and live in buildings.

Trees maintain the temperature around them, they bring rain-this we have read during school time, they balance the eco system and as already discussed give us oxygen in abundance and fresh air.  Trees have the capability to balance ground water level through their root system.  The best examples for trees that maintain water balance in ground water are:

1.  Banyan tree.

2.  Neem tree.

3.  Tamarind tree.

4.  Ashoka tree.

5.  Jamun tree.

6.  Tulip tree.

We know the benefits of maintaining and increasing ground water level.  Water is one essential element which is needed by everybody.  There is no human on Earth who has not used water in his/her life.

It is not that apart from the above mentioned trees, other trees don’t maintain ground water level.  They do, but the capacity of these trees is more relatively.

So, what is our contribution towards a greener Earth.

First and foremost:  Let us all plant at least one tree near our house and care for it as our life.  If the situation is not convenient to plant a big tree, at least a small tree like cherry, apple, almond, to name a few.  They are sources of abundant oxygen apart from fruits and give out positive vibration also, you will experience once you grow them in your backyard.  Different types of birds will make these trees their homes by building their nests.

Make your home sweet home inside also by keeping small pots with indoor plants which produce fresh oxygen too.  Remember anything that is available naturally is long lasting than man made things.  Convert your home in such a way that it is getting more and more of sunlight in daytime and you will not depend on electricity for lighting and heating as sufficient sunlight will provide both.  I noticed one practice followed by residents in Muktinath in Nepal when I went there last year.  They were using solar power for cooking, lighting and heating purpose.  Most of the villages in the hill region suffered from regular and continuous power breakdowns for most part of the day and night and people living in those remote areas had converted the solar power to cook food, light up their homes during power breaks in the night (which was a common occurrence) and heat water too using solar geysers and solar water heaters.  This way they used the sources available in nature in abundance and reduced dependency on man made sources.  Some of them had solar powered pedestal fans too!

A few days back, I visited a shopping mall to buy an electronic gadget and I came across a large number of air purifiers and those air purifiers made me think the direction in which we are all heading to.  Initially it was water purifier, now it is air purifier and if the situation continues like this, those days are not very far when all of us will be buying oxygen cylinders and moving around with our faces covered with those masks.

At this point, I have no choice but to compare my childhood days.  Those days, we had pure drinking water available everywhere free of cost.  Gradually, it gave way to bottled mineral water, then came water purifiers installed in a few homes and now every home owns a water purifier.  Next will be the air that we breathe in to survive.  Already, the statistics shows the danger levels crossed by some of the cities in the world and the initiative taken by the respective governments to check this.  It is not just the Government that needs to take up the initiative to check pollution, but it is our duty as citizens of Earth to check pollution.  If all of us make efforts towards a cleaner and greener Earth, then at least our children and grand children will remember us as we remember our grandparents and great grand parents.

In our country India, two wheelers and four wheelers are so much that if we get stuck in the heavy traffic I have seen in most cases a person reaching the destination faster by walking than by his/her vehicle.  The trend of this generation is to take out a two wheeler or a four wheeler to reach short distance.  Discourage them from doing this, instead encourage them to go by walk which is beneficial for their health.  People previous to my generation walked distances up to 10 kms and this kept them hale and healthy.  They depended less on doctors or medicines.  They respected nature, they grew their food and cooked their food even if it was simple.  We are stuck in between that generation and this generation.  This generation, the trend is don’t waste time walking at all, take a 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler instead and save that much time.  Eating food also, if you don’t have time, go out and eat otherwise, order online and eat at home if you don’t want to go out.  There is a craving for junk food which is a very dangerous trend.  This is a very dangerous trend adopted by this generation.  These things look very comfortable initially, but as days pass, they will show their ill effects.  This has not been realized by children of this generation.  As a consequence, they are developing irreversible health issues to be their companions for life.

At least now, let us all come together and make efforts to give the next generation a better life instead of a bitter life.  Let not our children and grand children learn about plants, trees, animals, birds and insects only through books or the internet.  Many species of plants, animals, birds, and insects are on the brink of becoming extinct due to our greed.  Let us put in our efforts towards contributing for a greener, cleaner and eco friendly Earth.

Simple and easy practices to improve analytical capabilities in students.

These are the simple tips I practiced on many students to improve their analytical capabilities.

1.  Get up early in the morning.

Getting up early in the morning works wonders.  Practice this for a month’s time and see amazing results.  Get at least by 5 in the morning.  You will have access to a very pleasant atmosphere.  The air is fresh without any pollutants.  I know this is winter, so it is very cold, but still make it a practice to get up early in the morning.  Your body and mind will be fresh.  Finish your morning chores, brush your teeth using cold water, this will rejuvenate your nervous system and keep you alert and then take bath.  See the difference.  You will feel alert and fresh.  Then, the first thing as a student start working on mathematics.  Yes, mathematics.  Don’t touch other subjects.  The advantage here is a student has to think and work out on the problems to solve them and give correct solution.  The student’s mind is fresh and calm because he/she has got up just a few minutes before starting.  So, the thinking capability and analytical skills will improve with this exercise daily.  This is an excellent exercise for the brain.  Give this practice to the student’s brain and see the amazing results.  If you sit and start studying, after one point, you will surely doze off.  So, the best practice to train your brain is to practice mathematics.

2.  Recollect.

At the end of each session, try to recollect each step you used to solve each problem, how many you solved and how many you did not.  It is very difficult initially, but gradually this becomes easier.  For what problems did you take help and for what you did not take help.  Remember one thing, it is easier to take help to solve a problem, but the memory storage for the solution that you took help for, will be very short lived as you have not solved the problem yourself.  The solution came to you easily with no struggle involved.  If you solve the problem yourself after committing some mistakes, you will definitely remember the solution and the steps involved in solving this problem, this will remain embedded in the sub conscious.  Try to find easier ways to solve the problems, try connecting them to your day to day activities.

3.  Visualize.

All of us know the fact that our brain retains most of the incidents that we see.  So, adopt this simple technique of visualizing.  Keep some good reference while visualizing.  Visualize your answer also this way.  Visualize the steps.

4. Connecting.

Simple way to recollect and retain is connecting method.  Example, if you are required to remember the answer for a question then follow this simple technique of abbreviating them.  Link your problems to anything that you can remember easily that happens in your day to day activities.  This way you will learn in the easiest and funniest route.

5.  Abbreviating.

If you are supposed to remember too many things which are complicated to remember, then you pick the first letter of the word and then form a word yourself.  For example:  You are supposed to remember the states in south India and you don’t know.  Then the best way to remember is abbreviate them like K for Karnataka, T for Tamil Nadu, K for Kerala, A for Andhra Pradesh and T for Telangana.  Now abbreviate this like K2, T2 and A.  Your answer is easy to remember.  Simple.  Try this method and your answers will be easy for you.

My visit to the cremation ground and mortuary and its consequences.

When my father died a few years ago in a horrifying manner, it was early in the morning and the duty doctor and the staff of the hospital suggested that we shift his body to the cold storage.  Since his death was a rude shock for me, I was in no position to do anything to him, having lost him itself had created a wide vacuum in my life and shifting him to the cold storage was something that I never imagined in my life.  My life partner who was not in my shoes decided to shift my father’s dead body with the help of the staff of the hospital.  As the day progressed and all the formalities got over, I was waiting near the mortuary and was asked by the hospital staff to identify my father’s body for post morterm.  With a zero thinking capability at that time, I went to the mortuary along with my sister, this was my first visit in my life itself to the mortuary and there we were asked to identify my father.  The dead bodies were stacked one above the other in a tray sort of thing and we were supposed to pull the tray and identify my deceased father.  My sister had given one blanket for the hospital authorities to cover my father when he expired, so we easily identified him with the help of the blanket.

When my aunt died, I wanted to go to the cremation ground to see the rituals that would be performed on the dead body.  This aunt was cremated in a traditional crematorium where they used wooden logs to cremate and the pyre was lit by the person who took responsibility of performing the last rites to this childless lady.  Actually, in our caste, ladies are prohibited from entering the cremation ground.  But this lady was like a mother to me and she had taken good care of me many times despite the differences that cropped up between us.  So, I wanted to pay my last respects to her.  When we went to the cremation ground which is now in the middle of the town, there were pyres lit in two rows and at least 20 dead bodies were burning.  It was around 5 in the evening when we took our aunt for cremation.  The moment I entered the cremation ground, I felt a strong current of negative feeling surrounding me and I was not at all happy.  The same feeling I experienced when I entered the electrical crematorium some years back to collect my father’s ashes.  I felt lost there.  All the rituals were performed and in the end, the priest who guided the person who performed the last rites asked him to keep a dried cake made of cow dung on my dead aunt’s chest and some camphor and then light it before lighting the pyre.  It was such a stressful situation that my mind was screaming a strong NO, because I was still under the impression that it would hurt her, and at this point I had failed to realize that her soul had left her body and she would not feel anything anymore.  This person who was performing the last rites followed the instructions of the priest and then we all shifted her body onto the platform prepared especially for this and he lit the pyre and her body went up in flames.  The flames were touching the ceiling.  When we were about to leave the crematorium, I saw an ambulance reaching the crematorium and to my surprise the staff of a well known cardiac hospital in the town brought out a very tiny bundle wrapped completely in the hospital blanket.  It was a baby, probably a month old or even less, dead and it was being taken for the last rites by the hospital staff.  I was wondering why parents of that infant did not come!

Then one more distant relative died, she was 95 years old and had lived her life to the fullest.  This lady was cremated in the electric crematorium.  I went once again to this place, here cremation was in full swing as only 6 slots were there.  I was curious here again to check the time taken for this human body to turn into ashes.  Then I held a conversation with the person in-charge of the crematorium about the time taken for the body to turn into ashes.  Then he gave me surprising data with regard to bodies which lived on different diets, medicines and habits and ultimately bodies with implants like dental implants, heart implants etc.  Here I was told by this person incharge that bodies with implants emit some toxic fumes and it is dangerous inhale those fumes.  In electric crematoriums, after performing the last rituals and placing the burning camphor on the chest of the dead person, they place the body on a trolley.  This trolley is then pushed into a big oven like thing which already has fire inside and once the body is pushed inside, they close the shutter from the top and that is the end.  But some toxic fumes escape from the gap between the shutter and the wall and who ever inhales those toxic fumes will fall sick and I did this and fell sick for a week and got blasted for my curiosity.

Tamarind tree-my eerie experience.

When we shifted to our own house it was in the outskirts of the town.  There were actually no houses at all surrounding my house and I was 10 years old and in class 5 when we shifted to that isolated locality.  I used to go to a school close by up to class 7.  When I entered high school, class 8, I was admitted to a very good school which was about 15 kilometers from my house and in order to reach the school I had two choices, either take two buses or go by one bus up to 11 kilometers and then walk the rest of 4 kilometers.  I used to walk about a kilometer from my house to the main road in order to reach the bus stop to take a bus to reach my school.  In those days, bus frequency was very less and if I missed one bus, I would have to wait for the next bus which would come after 30 minutes.  If that bus, for any reason did not operate that trip, then I would have no choice, but to go home and take rest and enjoy my day.

My school was functioning between 10.30 in the morning and 4.30 in the evening.  In order to reach my school on time, I would always leave my home at 8.15 in the morning and take a bus at 8.30 and this bus would take 45 minutes to one hour to travel a distance of 11 kilometer and from there, I would either walk to my school which was about 4 kilometers or take a bus if any was there.  Near my house on this main road, stood tall a tamarind tree in a corner of the road.  I never paid attention to this tree until one day when we all witnessed a horrible accident wherein a sand laden lorry went and hit this tree head-on and the driver and the cleaner of the lorry died on the spot.  Those days (this happened about 34 years ago) technology was not so advanced as now and the body of the driver and the cleaner were lying unclaimed in the lorry for 2 days after which the police came and shifted the bodies for post morterm.

It was two days after this incident, my school had arranged for a day’s excursion and the program was to leave the school in the morning and come back by evening.  Pick up point for the trip was my school and drop point was this tamarind tree as the bus was going in this route.  I enjoyed my trip and while coming back, the bus as already planned dropped me near this tamarind tree on the main road near my house.  The lorry was still lying there embracing the tree.  It was around 11 in the night and I got down from the bus, since we did not have any telephones at home (owning a telephone was a luxury in those days) my father had no idea when I would reach home, but he knew that I would be dropped close by, so he was at peace.  It was totally dark with no street lights and no human movement or vehicular movement.  The place was totally deserted and it was a new moon day, this whole situation was scary to me as I was all alone and with no light to my rescue, I adapted my vision to the situation and started walking towards my house which was about a kilometer from this place.  In order to reach my house, I would have to cross a narrow bridge and go as this was the only route.  When I was walking, I heard some foot steps behind me and felt a very strange feeling, I turned back to see who it was, but nobody was there.  I continued walking and again I heard some heavy foot steps next to me at very close quarters, but did not feel any human movement, but could hear only the foot steps.  This really scared my nerves out and I started pacing towards my house.  These foot steps were not continuous, like they would be heard just for a while and then vanish, but in different directions and with different intensities.  I realized that there was something seriously wrong and started praying God, as I was taught to pray God whenever I was in distress.  By that time, my home was closer and my father had switched on the light outside our home for some visibility.  I ran towards my home and told my father my experience who calmed me down.

After this incident, that tamarind tree was noted for its notorious actions.  Every week, there would be an accident and a death in that place.  Of that the ones that I cannot forget are that of a pregnant buffalo which was being transported to the hospital in the town from a nearby village for some reason which I don’t know and the vehicle which was transporting the buffalo met with an accident and the buffalo and its calf in the womb died on the spot.  This vehicle had a head on collision with a state run transport bus and the outcome of the collision was the instant death of those innocent lives.  Like this every week, some accident and confirmed death in these accidents were taking place.

One more accident that I will never forget is that of a man.  He was getting married in a week’s time and was going to the town for shopping.  As it was a hot summer day, he felt lazy to walk the distance of a kilometer and took a ride in one of the cars that was going towards the main road, where he wanted to be dropped.  As this car reached the spot where the tamarind tree stood, one more state run transport bus came and hit this car which was waiting for the bus to cross this junction.  The impact was so much that the car became sandwiched between the monster bus and the triangular junction which was built using boulders.  All passengers in the car including this future bridegroom died on the spot.  It became difficult for the police to extricate the bodies trapped inside the car in the absence of an advanced machine those days.  There were about 8 passengers in that ill fated car when the accident occurred and after this incident, people in the surrounding villages took this matter seriously and requested the chief priest of the temple in the locality to perform pujas to release the Ghosts from the tree and then eliminate the tree itself.  The chief priest performed lot of homas to release the spirits from their sufferings and then burnt the tamarind tree.  After all these things, there was not an accident which involved loss of life in that place.  Small accidents would happen now and then, but not like this, every week.  Many lives were lost over a period of 10 years as the tamarind tree stood there for 10 years.

The blunder that I committed in my life and swore never to repeat.

This incident happened about 30 years ago when I was doing my undergraduate course, as usual I had pets always.  Since childhood my father kept pets either kittens or dogs, so my life was never without any of these. At some point in time, we had as many as 9 dogs which guarded our house, which was of course in the outskirts of the town.  When this incident happened, we had one pet dog by name Bablu.  He was a very cute Indie who was very soft and mild for a dog.  He was 3 weeks old when he was brought to us by our milk man and he was colorful and very cute.  He grew up into a very handsome young and healthy dog and he was very very friendly with all other animals. Then entered another very cute kitten who resembled a Persian cat.  She was a bundle of energy and totally naughty.  She was a part of my life and I was so attached to her that I reached a stage in my life where my life was meaningless without her.   She had all the freedom in the universe, she would do anything and everything she liked doing.  She would sit on the top of the jack fruit tree for hours together and scare us by not coming down.  She would cuddle herself in our bed and would eat anything and everything that she wanted to and since we raised her along with Bablu, she was the darling of his eyes.  He allowed her to jump on him, pull his tail, bite his ears, keep her head inside his mouth, in fact he would keep his mouth wide open for this naughty fellow to keep her head inside and examine his mouth and teeth.  She would do anything and everything that she liked and it was like she had full control on him and this sweet and gentle fellow had surrendered himself completely to her.  But he was very very protective of her and once it so happened that a big cobra entered our compound and this tiny naughty little cat (she had grown up by this time) tried to attack it all by herself and alone.  Bablu who was sleeping close by saw our cat attacking the snake and immediately charged towards the cobra with full force and killed it also.  We heard the commotion and immediately rushed out of the house to see the reason for that commotion and what we saw was a cobra lying dead in the garden.  A few months after this incident, it was a summer night and since it was very hot, we had kept the windows of our house open for some cool breeze to enter our house.  This naughty cat sneaked out of our house without our knowledge and ventured into the road sometime in the middle of the night.  We never realized that she would do anything like this and in the morning when we did not find her, we became tensed and worried because such a thing had never happened in our life at all.  At first we thought that she would be lying somewhere in the garden and searched for her, but could not find her.  Then the search operation extended to the area beyond our house and then the area became wide.   As there were very few houses in our area, we started inquiring with people in those few houses about our missing cat.  Then a watchman of one of the houses under construction told us that he spotted a cat the previous night attacking a pack of dogs which were roaming in the layout and these dogs immediately tore the cat into bits and pieces and carried those bits and pieces around the area.  From his description we suspected it could be our missing cat and we went with him to the spot where the bits and pieces of the cat that he described were lying and what I saw was the bits and pieces of my cute cat.  She had already gone, crossed the rainbow bridge to be with Angels, but I cursed myself for the blunder I had done in her case.  While making my cat and Bablu friends, I failed to realize the fact that cats and dogs can never be friends in general and by nature except under extraordinary circumstances like ours and that I should have made sure that this innocent pet cat of mine had the judging capacity to distinguish between the friendly dog and the dangerous dog.  This incident is so fresh in my mind and disturbing, even today if someone tells me that they are making their cat and pet dog friends, I shudder in fear and tell them my experience and caution them about this.

I have not pardoned myself for my pet cat’s death.  The sense of guilt haunts me even today.

Angel-the blind cutie with CANCER.

She was a very tiny fellow full of life.  She was around 7 years, we were not sure of her age because she had been abandoned by her previous owners on a busy street on which thousands of vehicles moved and my friend fortunately bumped into her when she was going to a shop near her house to buy some groceries.  This tiny, cute, helpless and blind fellow who had rickets was confused in a strange environment away from her home not knowing what to do because the new place was totally strange for her and those whom she trusted and served all these years did not need her services any longer because she had “CANCER” which had spread to the other inner organs, so she was “DITCHED.”  She was a burden for her owners who discarded her on the busy street hoping that she would be crushed under some vehicle because of her age and her health condition.  Unfortunately for them and fortunately for her she was sitting on the pavement shivering due to the cold season in a totally strange environment all alone and scared and my friend bumped into her.  My friend swung into action immediately because she knew that this kid had been abandoned and forgot about her groceries and took this helpless kid home.  Since it was night, my friend fed this kid some home made food and made her sleep in a cozy place.

Next day, my friend took this tiny kid to her vet who did a thorough medical examination on her and diagnosed her condition as “CANCER” of the anus and that it had spread to the other internal organs and she had only a few months left before saying goodbye to this cruel world and cross the rainbow bridge to be with the Angels.  She needed some medicines to be given at regular intervals and some care to make her feel comfortable at this point.  So, my friend who already had some unfortunate kids like these which were also old, consulted one of her friends who was into this service of taking care of terminally ill kids, who readily agreed to take her in.  So, the journey started on Saturday to her home and this place was in the outskirts of the town and it took us 2-1/2 hours to reach this place.  This tiny kid was crying throughout the journey and she was totally restless despite our best efforts to keep her calm and comfortable.  Probably she was getting tensed because of an uncertain future, she probably was brought by a car and dumped on that busy street by her owner.  We could make out one thing for sure that she was totally disturbed.  We did all we could to keep her comfortable and calm.  At last we reached our destination and when she got down from the car, she was lost in her own world.  There was no reaction from her, probably she could smell the other unfortunate kids like her in that home and probably she realized that it was her final place before bidding good bye to this harsh, merciless and cruel world.  The attender in that home came and took her inside and without any resistance she just went with him.  We spent a few minutes talking to my friend’s friend and bid good bye and left that place with a heavy heart.  We ourselves were disturbed seeing that tiny Angel’s condition.  We only prayed God to give her the strength to forget her past and then spend the rest of her life which is only a few months in peace.  We knew that she would never forgive her owners for having ditched her when her health deteriorated, but life moves on.